As Diamond Hill Resort Hotel, our guests’ health is the most important factor for us.

Our intention is to provide our guests a pleasant stay here in a hygienic, safe and healthy atmosphere .

In emergency cases, the existing evacuation and emergency plan , as well as the risk management organization has been re-ordered in consideration of the pandemc.


* The hygiene of our hotel employees, who are in direct or indirect contact with you, our valued guests, and as we are also aware who are in contact with each other, is one of the most important factors for an  effective general hygienic application. Our precautions and applications in this regard are as follows:
* Our employees are subjected to general health screening and their temperature measurements are  made with digital thermometers before they start working. That staff who has a high fever and is diagnosed with a disease is not allowed to work. That staff who does not feel well, is instructed not to  come to work and get advised on actions to be taken.

* Our employees put on their cleaned uniforms and personal protective equipment before starting work and undergo disinfection.

* Sufficient number of disinfection units are available in common areas for our employees and in working units in the background. Each of our personnel, no matter which department they work , has to wash and  disinfect their hands strictly to the rule every hour.

* There are posters and informative writings on pandemic and hygiene issues in the common areas for our employees , as well as the safe physical ( social ) distance rule is applied in these areas.

* The current training plans , training contents and orientation training contents of all departments were reviewed and revised within the scope of Covid-19.

* Our training hall was organized in accordance with the social distance rule for personnel information training on COVID-19 and trainings were provided to our employees on Infectious Disease Covid -19 Awareness Training and Personal Hygiene training.

* Every employee knows and applies the safe physical distance rule in their relationships with our guests and among themselves. Our employees, who are in direct contact with the guests, apply masks when  necessary.


* General areas of our hotel, guest rooms, restaurant areas, bars, meeting room, kitchen areas, SPA & Bath  areas, offices, areas for the use of the personnel and depots are disinfected thoroughly with ULV devices.

* We are working with an authorized supplier for vermin and pest control. The supplier's employees have all the necessary certificates and documents. The employees periodically continue their  disinfection processes upon entering the facility by complying with all precautions which were  determined .


* Our hotel is working with Diversey Company which is internationally known for chemical cleaning products. Diversey Company provides detailed training to all of our staff at regular intervals. For this reason, it is ensured that the correct chemicals are used at the appropriate dose during cleaning. Cleaning processes are provided with suitable cleaning materials and different equipments for each area.

* Hand disinfection equipment has been increased in general areas. Hand disinfection equipment has been placed especially in restaurants, toilets, lifts, gym, indoor pool entrances and common seating areas, depending on the size of the area.

* Enough masks, gloves and disinfectants are placed especially at the entrances of the hotel and food & beverage areas, gym entrance, bath & SPA entrances, so that the guests can get all those equipment, when they need them. 

* In addition to our standard cleaning plans, great attention is paid to the cleaning of the constantly touched surfaces, door handles, handrails, lifts, lift buttons, sinks, faucets, urinals and toilets, as always, one of the two urinals is kept out of use. Our employee in charge of all these works performs these operations with masks and disposable gloves, whereby it is audited by checklists which are prepared in detail. 

* All common use areas and seating groups in common areas have been rearranged by taking into account the safe physical distances.


* Luggage and other items will be firstly disinfected by our employees who have received the necessary training in this regard and then will be taken to our hotel and will be sent safely to our guests' rooms.

* The body temperatures of our guests will be taken by a non-contact infrared thermometer at our

hotel's entrance door and in case of a negative situation ( such as : bad findings ), this matter will only be shared with those concerned in accordance with the Turkish Personal Data Protection Law and necessary actions will be taken as written in our action plans.

* Personal protective equipment such as masks and gloves are kept at the entrance to be given to the guests upon request.

* Information about new applications made is given to guests upon entering the hotel. 

* Before our guests enter the hotel, the reception desk , the reception bell on it and other equipments 

are properly maintained by performing disinfection. The room cards / keys will be disinfected before and after they are handed over to the guests and thus in a safe manner.

* Our contactless POS machines will be used within certain limits and these machines will be disinfected continuously.

* Bellboys deliver the guest's bags at the room door and do not enter the room if at all possible.

* The process of informing the guest about the room is carried out at the room door. In cases where the bellboy needs to enter the room upon request of the guest, in addition to his personal protective equipment, he wears shoe covers and does not touch anything.

* All handling that may require contact during check-in and check-out will be carried out absolutely in accordance with the safe physical distance rule.


* Our aim in all guest rooms is to provide you with an environment where you will have a stay in a hygienic and clean atmosphere.

* Housekeeping employees and managers do room cleaning work with masks and disposable gloves.

Each time after a room is cleaned, hands are washed and masks, gloves and cleaning cloths are changed by the new ones, before starting to clean another room.

* During cleaning of the room we pay attention to surfaces, such as : door handles, mixer taps , buttons, telephone handsets, television and air conditioning buttons, minibars, but also toilet bowls, urinals, taps, faucets and washbasins in common areas which are frequently touched by hands, are being thoroughly cleaned . After cleaning these areas with water and detergent, they are disinfected with appropriate chemicals.

* Our rooms are ventilated for a minimum of 1 hour after the cleaning process is completed.

* For you, dear guests, clean laundry / textiles do not come into contact with the floor and / or walls, their storage areas are regularly cleaned and disinfected and it is ensured that the clean textiles are properly transported from the exit point to the rooms where they will be brought.


* The open buffet service system in our hotel will be narrowed to a certain extent, self-service will not be allowed and the requested food will be served by our staff within the precautions.

* Hand disinfectants will be available at the entrances of all our Food & Beverage sections. In addition,

at the entrances of those sections, our employees provide the necessary guidance regarding the reception and usage of capacity.

* Tables and chairs in all our Food & Beverage sections are arranged in accordance with the recommended safe distances. The sizes and capacities of our hotel's restaurant, bar and general areas are extremely spacious and sufficient.

* General cleaning of Food & Beverage venues, tables, chairs, benches, buffets and all other equipment

and materials will be made properly at the beginning and end of the service and disinfection processes will be carried out.


* The service will be provided in the Turkish bath, Sauna, Massage areas and care services by creating extremely hygienic conditions and by using previously secured or disposable materials and equipments.

All our personnel performing the applications must comply with the rules we have set to disinfect themselves before and after each application and they must do their work with a mask.

* Usage of capacities  in our Sauna, Turkish bath, Steam and Relaxation rooms are limited according to hygienic conditions.

* Dressing rooms, showers, general areas and towels are safely cleaned and disinfected.


* New arrangements are made by widening the gap between the sunbeds at our outdoor pool and the beaches according to the safe physical distance rule.

* For keeping the pool healthy , legal statutes and operating instructions are complied with.

* As always, pool cleaning will continue to be carried out in accordance with chemical values which will not cause any disease or epidemic.

* All sun loungers are subject to daily cleaning and disinfection procedures.

* Before and after each program, cleaning and disinfection processes of the area and the sitting groups are carried out.

* Employees make necessary warnings in order to maintain Social Distance between guests during events and activities.